"The objective of cleaning is not just to clean, but to feel happiness living within that environment."


Looking for more consistency and confidence in caring for your home?

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◘ Learn the foundation of a stress-free approach to taking care of your home

◘ Create your own daily & weekly routines that are meaningful and manageable

◘ Make it easier to follow your routines by using the power of habits

    Feel at-peace in your own home with simple daily & weekly routines that work.


    Get the guidance you need:

    • 2 mini-workbooks to identify essential daily & weekly tasks and organize them in a realistic, meaningful way
    • Printable worksheets for checking off & implementing your routines
    • Follow-up emails with practical encouragement, personal wisdom, and research-based strategies for forming lasting habits

    This free email challenge is provided as an adapted excerpt of my signature resource,

    Home, Clean Home

    Transform your relationship with your home through this one-of-a-kind personalized cleaning system.

    A custom cleaning schedule generated specifically for YOU - based on your home's needs and your preferences

    An implementation plan to establish realistic cleaning rhythms & routines that are part of your everyday life

    ◘ A bonus 8-week email series to guide you through the implementation plan and motivate you with research-based strategies for forming new habits!

    Sarah H. says,

    “I’ve always felt like the problem with the cleaning checklists and routines out there is that they weren’t personalized and you’ve totally solved that. Home, Clean Home takes the guesswork out of homemaking. I love that I can follow this system and know that my home will stay clean, tidy, and well-maintained — without me having to carry around a lot of to-dos in my head all the time. Thank you for creating such a fresh and unique homemaking system!”